Selkirk: Casting the Net Opening Day Events


Fresh fish from Eyemouth ready to be filleted by Billy Clansman Aitchison in the Market Square

What a great start to the Casting the Net fortnight – thank you and well done to everyone involved in the Selkirk Opening Day, we had a great turn out to the venues and the fish gutting and over 60 people attended the live performance by James Wyness in Rowland’s (Selkirk).



Billy Clansman Aitchison in the Market Square, Selkirk, demonstrating the art of gutting and filleting fish & dressing crabs





s1 No. 1 Tower Street Open and ready for visitors, with around 30 visitors over the afternoon




s3 No. 48 West Port Open and ready for visitors, again busy and serving welcome refreshments





Installation in window and textile work on the pedestrian barrier outside Rowland’s by Casting the Net artist, Mark Timmins


Curator Helen Douglas with Casting the Net artist, Mary Morrison



Window installation (set of windows to the right of the front door) by Rowland’s (Selkirk) Youth Group


s4 24-26 West Port, Rowland’s (Selkirk) Opening Day:

The Rowland’s Youth group members and volunteers ran a great coffee afternoon which was kept very busy all afternoon, and was a great place to warm up and catch up with people while looking at the art installations they had made.


Curators of Casting the Net – Helen Douglas and Keith Alexander giving a speech at Rowland’s (Selkirk)

Everyone is looking forward to the countdown to Eyemouth next weekend…6 days to go!

(images by CtN volunteer photographer Isabell Buenz and curator Helen Douglas)


Casting the Net **OPENING DAY** (Selkirk) Events and exhibitions open from 2pm…



Casting the Net bkltpge 4&5 Events


It is opening day and here are the events unfolding today – come along and support contemporary art in the Borders and see how empty spaces can be regenerated and (we hope you agree) be transformed into interesting and stimulating exhibition spaces showcasing the talent of artists working in Scotland. More to follow later…

Opening Day…15 hours to go!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 22.33.14Well the blog is telling us it is 15 hours to go…how are we getting on?! Well this is what has been going on since yesterday


This morning Casting the Net artists and poet – Natasha Smith, Catriona Taylor and Stuart Delves were all hard at work setting up their work in No. 1 and Border Cloth exhibition spaces. Natasha has work in No. 1 and Catriona and Stuart have created a blacked out, atmospheric space for their installation in Border Cloth. It has been a very busy day, trying to get things finished off, print jobs sorted and all the details just right.

The weather has been bitter but has not deterred everyone in their work. Neville Rae and Callum Sinclair have worked hard at work in amongst the newly made plinths and just delivered art work to complete the final joinery work so that Jill Watson’s bronze can be fixed in the bay window space.

Helen Douglas has been following everyone around with paint brush in hand, while with the other arranging and curating the works in the spaces.

Keith Alexander has been helping fine tune projected works, curate the exhibitions and at the same time complete the exhibition literature to a racing print deadline – all done now!




Finally, you can see how the exhibition is coming together in No. 1 with work from Casting the Net artist, Mary Morrison sitting calmly next to beautiful hand knitted fishermen’s Gansey’s.







While at No. 48 West Port the work of Casting the Net artists, Lawson Wood and Alice Francis have been installed and are really looking vibrant and intriguing. SO…

Please come along to Selkirk tomorrow:

Casting the Net bkltpge 4&5 Events

Saturday 23rd March 2013 – Opening Day Events Selkirk

2pm The Market Place: A demonstration of the art of fish gutting by Billy Clansman Aitchison

2pm – 5pm Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: Coffee afternoon hosted by Rowland‘s (Selkirk)

3.30pm Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: Introductory speeches

4pm Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: James Wyness: ‘guddle and flype’ sound performance premiere

Exhibitions from Saturday 23rd March to Saturday April 6th Selkirk Open every day 10am – 4pm (Note: 2pm – 4pm on the opening day)

s1 No. 1 Tower Street: Mary Morrison, Natasha Smith, Jill Watson, James Wyness

s2 Border Cloth, High Street: Catriona Taylor & Stuart Delves

s3 No. 48 West Port: Alice Francis, Lawson Wood

note: Shopfront Exhibition only

s4 Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: Mark Timmins & Rowland’s (Selkirk) Youth Group

Join us in celebrating coast to inland: Casting the Net!