#CastingtheNet – Easter weekend in Eyemouth

A more ‘visual’ diary of the Easter weekend when Casting the Net extended out from inland Borders town Selkirk to the coastal town of Eyemouth – there were so many good things happening it is difficult to write them all down!


Eribé Knitwear Design headed by Rosy Eribé and her team of hand knit designers Kristen Orme and Lizzy Knowles led the ‘Knitting, knotting and netting’ event over the weekend with Eyemouth local knitter, Fay Waddell and the Eyemouth Knit and Natter group working alongside. There were beautiful displays of contemporary knitwear from Eribé Knitwear Design and also some exquisitely knitted miniature samples from the local knitting group. Stories were swapped and photographs of the local town and fishing community reminisced over.


Eribé Knitwear Design led a continuous drop-in workshop in teaching knitting techniques in several clever ways (sometimes even without needles just hands!) and over the weekend knitted fish, pom poms and finger knit bangles appeared as a result of the patient coaching.









Eribé Knitwear Design were assisted by volunteers from Borders Textile College who enjoyed getting stuck into learning new techniques and exploring oversized yarn and needles.

A big thank you to the Eribé Knitwear Design team led by Rosy Eribé.


Eyemouth Knitters & Natterers with Liz Dickson who was actually knitting a Gansey on 5 needles over the weekend. Below is a photograph from Fay Waddell showing the display of Ganseys. Thank you very much to the Eyemouth ‘Knit & Natter’ group led by Fay Waddell and her team of locally skilled knitters.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlec Thorburn, admiring one of the Gansey’s loaned to Fay Waddell from local Eyemouth fishing families for the exhibition – each one was labelled with its own story.




photoWhile the knitting workshops progressed local net maker Fiona Drewery (of Stuart Nets) set up her net making station and while making a net also had one for people to try out net making. The net being made was beautifully crafted and people trying to do it began to appreciate the skills required to consistently produce an evenly made and durable net.







On Saturday morning Casting the Net artist, Mark Timmins led a free workshop with Eyemouth Harbour’s Pocketful Kids run by Kerry Waddell and Sophie McNeil. In the workshop Mark explored with the kids the relationship of knotting and weaving with the fishing nets of Eyemouth, creating with the contribution of the children, a textile and embellished tapestry, which will now be donated to Eyemouth Primary School for them to display at the end of the weekend.  The children who went along with their parents drew, cut, knotted and wove with a large piece of fishing net and some beautiful Lovat Tweed from Selkirk.





Upstairs in the Mission there was an exhibition of the work of the Casting the Net artists Sam Bain, Alice Francis, Mary Morrison, Kevin Peden and James Wyness. Each of the artists work related to the sea and/ or Eyemouth in very particular ways.

Sam Bains recent works Boatyard with Fifie, 2013 and Robina Inglis, 2013 related to her visits to Eyemouth and meeting Johnny Johnston who with his team of young people have restored an original Fifie sailing vessel.

Kevin Peden and James Wyness have also been inspired by their time spent in Eyemouth Harbour but in very different ways.

Kevin Peden set up his easel in Dickson’s Boatyard and was inspired by the work and volunteers working on the reconstruction of the Good Hope, Fifie sailing boat.


James spent his time in Eyemouth recording in the Ice House and on the fishing and sailing boats of Eyemouth, in Selkirk town square where the mobile fish van comes each week with fresh fish from Eyemouth and produced and mixed a sound piece which captured the essence of the coast and the town. James performed live in the Mission on Saturday afternoon to a relaxed audience who were knitting, knotting and netting- absorbing the sounds recorded locally.

Mary Morrisons abstract paintings above the almost technical paintings of Sam Bain sang of the sea and combined ‘a sense of place with layers of meaning suggested by annotation – of music, mapping, measuring.  Grid references, staves, shipping charts and tide tables recur in (Mary’s) work, and there is often a focus on the transition between land and sea.’

Cool Water2

Saturday was also the premiere of  the film ‘Fish-out-of-water’ by Casting the Net artist, Alice Francis. Alice set out from Eyemouth to walk inland to Selkirk in her wonderfully constructed  ‘Fish-out-of-water’ costume made from beach combed plastics and nets – while her intention was to walk the whole of the way she was hampered by the cold snap which hit the whole of the Borders the week before Casting the Net opened, even waking up to 5 inches of snow around her tent the first morning. In Alice’s own words; ‘An intrepid ‘Silver Darling’ retraces the routes of her ancestors by hiking inland along The Herring Walk. A humorous adventure in ichthyology!’


WP_20130329_026On Eyemouth Harbourside Johnny Johnston was out in the sunshine proudly showing off the beautifully restored Fifie, ‘Good Hope’, an original sailing vessel worked on by local volunteers and a group of local young people in Dickson’s Boatyard over seen by Johnny.

Eyemouth Museum was the final Casting the net venue in Eyemouth and they had set up a special exhibition on their first floor gallery of archive photographs of the local fishing industry, a selection of older Ganseys hung with three contemporary Ganseys made by Eribé and played a DVD about the history of the Gansey and also one made by Eribé Knitwear.

Teas, coffees and home-baking were provided in the Mission by the Eyemouth Community Trust – Anne McNeil and Sina Anderson effortlessly hosting the visitors to the workshops and exhibition upstairs in the Mission.

Thank you and well done to everyone involved in so many ways, friends made, skills, patterns and stories swapped – it was a lovely atmosphere and well attended. Even the sun shone for us on Saturday!


#Castingthenet OPENs today in Eyemouth:

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 06.46.34With just 3 hours to go until we open the #Castingthenet venues in Eyemouth, the weather forecast looks good and the urn is on! Come and join in the workshops and events happening today. All #Castingthenet Selkirk venues are open today as well! Starts at 10am…

FREE Kids workshops at Pocketful start at 10.00am. Make tweed weed!

Update later with photos!

Casting the Net @Eyemouth for THIS Easter Weekend: Sat 30th March – Sun 31st


Photograph of the bow of Bonaventure in Eyemouth Harbour, Feb 2013 by Helen Douglas

While the weather does its bitterly cold thing (!) this image maybe reminds us of more balmy days by the sea in Eyemouth Harbour, enjoying the fresh salty air and kicking our shoes off and enjoying the feel of sand between our toes. You might still be able to this if you come along to Casting the Net in Eyemouth this weekend but we can’t promise the good weather!


The Fifie, a traditional sailing vessel reconstructed by former Harbour Master Johnny Johnston with a group of young apprentices

What we can promise is weekend to enjoy, something for all the family and we hope you go away having learned a new skill or gained an insight into the current and historical issues relating to the local fishing and textile industries and the connections between Eyemouth and Selkirk.

Borders Art Trust is delighted to be able to be showcasing the Fifie restoration project in the Casting the Net exhibition and you will be able to see the completed boat in the Harbour to admire the hard work that has gone into making it ‘sea-worthy’ again.

WHAT’s ON this Easter weekend Eyemouth only – Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 2013 

Over Easter weekend, textiles and fishing will be woven together with story, memory and song at Eyemouth’s Fisherman’s Mission.


Contemporary Gansey Knitwear by Eribé Knitwear, Galashiels

10am – 4pm (Sat & Sun) The Fishermen’s Mission, Harbour Road: ‘Knitting, Knotting & Netting’ Workshop

Come and join in a free drop-in workshop exploring the two Borders traditions of textiles and net making.

Eribé Knitwear, a successful Galashiels company are leading the  ‘knitting, knotting & netting’ workshop in The Mission, Eyemouth Harbour. Together with the knitters, netters and natterers of Eyemouth they will take a contemporary look at gansey knitting, inspire, and in the knitting, patterns and stories will be stitched.

Several levels of workshop open all day from complete beginners and kids to more experienced knitters. There will be demonstrations and examples of old and contemporary Gansey knitting, alongside traditional net makers at work repairing and making new nets. All involved are keen to impart their knowledge to a new generation.

A great opportunity to expand your own skills, have fun, share your own experiences and patterns and admire the skill of the modern day Gansey knitter.


There will also be retired fisherman Alex Thorburn who will tell his yarns and reminisce with extraordinary poetry.


Local Fisherman mending a creel


Contemporary Gansey Knitwear by Eribé Knitwear, Galashiels

10am – 4pm (Sat & Sun) The Fishermen’s Mission, Harbour Road: Exhibition

Exhibition of work by Casting the Net artists, Kevin PedenSam Bain and Mary Morrison.


Photograph of Kevin Peden’s work in progress during his residency in Dickson’s Boat yard, 2013

The Painting of the deck of the ‘Good Hope’ was created on the mezzanine level of the boat yard. This composition was chosen to fully capture and give insight into the  process and stages of the  restoration. However more importantly, the composition was chosen to record the unique form of the boat.

The work was completed on Perspex so the viewer could fully connect with the environment of the boat yard. The painting was designed so that the viewer could also see the fully restored Boat in the courtyard through the transparency of the work and beyond through to the back drop of the harbour.

Completed works:

Deck of the ‘Good Hope’ – Golden Acrylic on Perspex, 2013

‘Propeller, Good Hope’ – Gouache on Mylar Paper, March 2013

‘Propeller, Good Hope’- Acrylic screen Print, March 2013

‘Propeller’, Acrylic Screen Print, March 2013 from Kevin’s residency will be on show in exhibition at The Mission.


atlantic edge I mary morrison iau 250

Atlantic Edge I – (2010) oil/mixed media on board
Mary Morrison’s work is largely informed by the Atlantic archipelago and combines a sense of place with layers of meaning suggested by annotation – of music, mapping, measuring.  Grid references, staves, shipping charts and tide tables recur in my work, and there is often a focus on the transition between land and sea.
Where works have titles referring to specific locations, the intention is to draw on a connection to  these places in order to explore wider themes.  Mary’s work investigates the relationship between the individual and the landscape that has shaped them, something you carry with you – a ‘geography of the mind.’
Other works by Mary Morrison in the Eyemouth exhibition at The Mission include:
Echo I (2011) oil/ mixed media on canvas
Echo II (2011) oil/ mixed media on canvas

Sam Bain Tug boat No 5  copy

Big Tug, 2012

Sam Bain draws on her interest in the world of fishing, shipping and navigation to produce work with strong nautical themes. She incorporates fine detail specifications and measurements from ships, boats and harbours using them as a platform upon which to build her work. The presence of gridding and engineering shorthand in Bain’s work echoes the blueprints used in the design and production of large-scale ships. Upon this grid-work Bain builds up an image constructed from simplified, balanced geometric shapes and sparse composition. The use of oil pastel complements the use of fine details, and gives her work its texture and softness.

Other works by Sam Bain in the Eyemouth exhibition at The Mission include:

Fishing boat & Breakwater 2012

CAST 2011

Breakwater & Boats 2012

BENCH 2011

Tug no 5 2013

Fifie 2013

Robina 2013


4pm The Fishermen’s Mission, Harbour Road: Saturday only LIVE PERFORMANCE

James Wyness: ‘guddle and flype’ sound piece, live performance!

James Wyness works with instrumental, environmental and electronic sound. Using field and studio recordings, hand-made acoustic and electronic instruments and found objects, he creates compositions, live performances, sound installations, work for fixed media and digital publications.

His work is currently directed towards a rigorous investigation of complexity and the materiality of sound. This includes an examination of the forms and spatial behaviours of sound in various natural and architectural listening environments.

guddle and flype  is a live improvised  performance for processed field recordings, melting ice, hydrophones and mixing desk. The material is derived from an investigation of specific aspects of the sonic working environment and its influence on the lives and work of men and women in the Eyemouth fishing industry and the wider seafaring community.



10am-4pm Eyemouth Museum, Auld Kirk, Manse Road:

Exhibition of netting and ganseys. With examples of work from contemporary Gansey designers and makers Eribé Knitwear, Galashiels.



One of Eyemouth Museums Gansey’s


Contemporary Gansey Knitwear by Eribé Knitwear, Galashiels

10am-4pm Harbour Road:

Marvel at the newly renovated Fifie fishing boat, reconstructed by former Harbour Master Johnny Johnston with a group of young apprentices.


10am – 11.30am (Sat only) Pocketful Kids: 18-20 Harbour Road, Eyemouth Harbour, TEL: 018907 51244

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.16.20

FREE kids workshop with Casting the Net artist Mark Timmins and Pocketful Kids. To be sure of your place please BOOK NOW, but drop-in on the day also available. (Ages 5 – 12 yrs.). Participants at the workshop can expect to draw, cut, knot and weave with a large piece of fishing net and some beautiful woven textiles from Selkirk.


Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 21.27.23

This weekend should be a great opportunity to drop in and join in, chat and exchange stories and while ‘knitting and nattering’, watching netting being made or taking part in the free Kids workshops at Pocketful working with tweed fabric donated from Lovat’s Mill that something new is passed on to future generations to preserve these timeless skills and to continue their longevity.

Catch up with us tomorrow on how the exhibition is beginning to take shape…

Casting the Net **OPENING DAY** (Selkirk) Events and exhibitions open from 2pm…



Casting the Net bkltpge 4&5 Events


It is opening day and here are the events unfolding today – come along and support contemporary art in the Borders and see how empty spaces can be regenerated and (we hope you agree) be transformed into interesting and stimulating exhibition spaces showcasing the talent of artists working in Scotland. More to follow later…

Rowland’s (Selkirk) Youth Group @ 24-26 West Port – Installation up and looking great!

Rowland’s is very excited to be taking part in the ‘Casting The Net’ exhibition…

Two of Rowland’s windows will be hosting the work of  artist Mark Timmins and two windows hosting a display of work by the young people of Rowland’s.



The young people have decided to create their own ‘fishing net’ out of scoobies and friendship bracelets, catching items and images personal to the young people. The other window is based around a ‘message in a bottle’ – the idea that all the bottles may look the same but each one holds a private message to each young person – written either as a message to their future selves or a message looking back on their youth.







The young people have also made their own digital alphabet, collecting digital images of letters they found in Selkirk. This is displayed in the Dry Bar at Rowland’s.


Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.12.58

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.13.11
Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.13.33

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.13.59

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.14.09

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.14.16

Rowland’s will very kindly be hosting sound artist James Wyness and the premier of his piece ‘guddle and flype’ @4pm – so will be open on Saturday 23rd March 2-5pm, and will be hosting a small coffee afternoon too.

Please pop in if you are in the town.

From Rowland’s (Selkirk) website at http://rowlands-selkirk.org.uk – great work and they are always looking for volunteers. Please come and support them on Saturday as they host the opening event for Casting the Net.

FREE Kids (5 – 12 yrs) Workshop at Casting the Net, Saturday March 30th 10am – 11.30am

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.16.20

FREE kids workshop at Casting the Net, Saturday March 30th 10am, with Casting the Net artist Mark Timmins and the brilliant ladies at Pocketful Kids. To be sure of your place please BOOK NOW, but drop-in on the day also available. Ages 5 – 12 yrs. Please follow the link below for more info.


The pocketful workshop will be lead by Mark Timmins, a textile artist, designer and photographer based in Galashiels, who has for the last 20 years been exploring, through his textiles and photography, the beautiful working harbour of Eyemouth.

In this workshop, Mark will be exploring the relationship of knotting and weaving with the fishing nets of Eyemouth, creating with the contribution of the children, a textile and embellished tapestry. Participants at the workshop will draw, cut, knot and weave with a large piece of fishing net and some beautiful woven textiles from Selkirk. Recommended age children 5 to 12 years with their parents/carers. This is a free event, however as places are limited booking is required. Please call us on 018907 51244, send us a direct Facebook message or pop-in to see us.

Further information on all the ‘Casting the Net’ events can be found at https://bordersartstrust.wordpress.com/events/

Casting the Net: Coast to Inland from 23rd March to 6th April, 2013

BAT_A5Flyer_fr_FinalvWelcome to Borders Arts Trust blog!

Casting the Net: Coast to Inland (from 23rd March to 6th April, 2013)

Curated by Helen Douglas & Keith Alexander

Borders Arts Trust new project for 2013  invited artists in the Borders and beyond to submit proposals for new work to be made on the theme: Casting the Net: Coast to Inland. The project will go live to the public in empty shops and industrial spaces in Eyemouth and Selkirk for two weeks in spring 2013 (proposed dates 23rd March – 6th April).

The selected and invited works will explore some aspect of our relationship with the sea and fishing: how it shapes life on the coast and impacts inland, with the potential for connections and the flow of ideas in both directions. The works will also effectively engage with the concept, the materiality of place and relevant trades/crafts and the lives of the people living in Eyemouth and the Inland Borders.

In negotiation with local regeneration bodies Borders Arts Trust have fostered links and collaborations in order to to find spaces in both towns and to match artists with appropriate people and places.

Exhibiting Artists:

Sam Bain | Stuart Delves | Rosy Eribé | Alice Francis

Mary Morrison Kevin Peden | Natasha Smith | Catriona Taylor

Mark Timmins | Jill Watson | Lawson Wood | James Wyness

BAT_A5Flyer_bk_Finalv6%revProject Managers: Felicity Bristow, Becki Hodgson & Callum Sinclair