Casting the Net **OPENING DAY** (Selkirk) Events and exhibitions open from 2pm…



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It is opening day and here are the events unfolding today – come along and support contemporary art in the Borders and see how empty spaces can be regenerated and (we hope you agree) be transformed into interesting and stimulating exhibition spaces showcasing the talent of artists working in Scotland. More to follow later…


Working party starts on No. 1 Tower Street & Border Cloth, High Street (Selkirk):

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Well, we have woken up to a dreich Saturday morning but, today is the day we strip out the Selkirk venues – No. 1 Tower Street and Border Cloth, High Street. There was snow in Selkirk when we all arrived!


The shop units have not been used for a while but after a good clean (even the windows today!) and some repairs we will give them a couple of coats of white emulsion and they will be transformed. No. 1 Tower Street is a great light space with large windows to two sides, these windows will display works by Jill Watson and Natasha Smith. The space will also have work exhibited by Mary Morrison and James Wynesss’ sound piece inspired by the Eyemouth ice house.

IMG-20130316-00822IMG-20130316-00826 IMG-20130316-00830

By 5pm this evening we had transformed No. 1, the sun came out (and although showed up a few smears on our newly cleaned windows…) the space looks clear, bright and like a gallery space.

IMG-20130316-00836 IMG-20130316-00840 IMG-20130316-00841 IMG-20130316-00843

Border Cloth on the High Street is the perfect venue to exhibit the work of Catriona Taylor & Stuart Delves – there is a water supply, we can black the space out and it is large enough for the ‘tank’ so people can move around it. The windows were washed and the space swept and tidied all ready for the installation of the work.

IMG-20130316-00847There was great interest in the work we were doing today, many passers by stopped to ask what the shop would be and were interested to hear how it would be used. There was also alot of positive feedback about how the space was looking. We had a visit from Margaret Sweetnam who is co-ordinating the pop up shop initiative in Selkirk, she very kindly brought us tea and coffee and a wonderful bag with hand knitted family Gansey’s, old family photographs of her grandmother who was one of the last fishwives in Musselburgh. It was amazing to see her grandmother carrying her creel of fish to sell to the town houses in the New Town, Edinburgh. We are going to try and record all these ‘memories’ during the project – so much local history is coming to light in the stories people are telling.

Casting the Net: Coast to Inland from 23rd March to 6th April, 2013

BAT_A5Flyer_fr_FinalvWelcome to Borders Arts Trust blog!

Casting the Net: Coast to Inland (from 23rd March to 6th April, 2013)

Curated by Helen Douglas & Keith Alexander

Borders Arts Trust new project for 2013  invited artists in the Borders and beyond to submit proposals for new work to be made on the theme: Casting the Net: Coast to Inland. The project will go live to the public in empty shops and industrial spaces in Eyemouth and Selkirk for two weeks in spring 2013 (proposed dates 23rd March – 6th April).

The selected and invited works will explore some aspect of our relationship with the sea and fishing: how it shapes life on the coast and impacts inland, with the potential for connections and the flow of ideas in both directions. The works will also effectively engage with the concept, the materiality of place and relevant trades/crafts and the lives of the people living in Eyemouth and the Inland Borders.

In negotiation with local regeneration bodies Borders Arts Trust have fostered links and collaborations in order to to find spaces in both towns and to match artists with appropriate people and places.

Exhibiting Artists:

Sam Bain | Stuart Delves | Rosy Eribé | Alice Francis

Mary Morrison Kevin Peden | Natasha Smith | Catriona Taylor

Mark Timmins | Jill Watson | Lawson Wood | James Wyness

BAT_A5Flyer_bk_Finalv6%revProject Managers: Felicity Bristow, Becki Hodgson & Callum Sinclair