‘An intrepid ‘Silver Darling’…’

‘An intrepid ‘Silver Darling’ retraces the routes of her ancestors by hiking inland along The Herring Walk. A humorous adventure in ichthyology!’

Alice Francis, 2013

For all of you who were wondering what had become of our intrepid Fish-out-of-Water artist, Alice Francis and her daughter Rosie Giblin film maker, here are some photographs from along their journey which was hampered by the bitter conditions we are currently suffering in the Borders:

fish walk 2

On the Eyemouth Coast.

fish walk 3

‘We did well in Eyemouth, the cliffs were wild! Then woke up to

5 inches of snow round tent! Can’t get up on sth upland today, 

getting footage everywhere we can, we’re fine x’

fish walk 1

Fish-out- of-Water reaches the sign for the Herring Road to Dunbar.

fish walk 4

Fish-out-in-snow in the hills on the way into Selkirk.

Alice is now editing her film which will be showing on Easter weekend in Eyemouth:

Saturday 30th March & Sunday 31st March: Film showing at exhibition at The Fishermen’s Mission, Eyemouth Harbour.


Casting the Net **OPENING DAY** (Selkirk) Events and exhibitions open from 2pm…



Casting the Net bkltpge 4&5 Events


It is opening day and here are the events unfolding today – come along and support contemporary art in the Borders and see how empty spaces can be regenerated and (we hope you agree) be transformed into interesting and stimulating exhibition spaces showcasing the talent of artists working in Scotland. More to follow later…

Opening Day…15 hours to go!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 22.33.14Well the blog is telling us it is 15 hours to go…how are we getting on?! Well this is what has been going on since yesterday


This morning Casting the Net artists and poet – Natasha Smith, Catriona Taylor and Stuart Delves were all hard at work setting up their work in No. 1 and Border Cloth exhibition spaces. Natasha has work in No. 1 and Catriona and Stuart have created a blacked out, atmospheric space for their installation in Border Cloth. It has been a very busy day, trying to get things finished off, print jobs sorted and all the details just right.

The weather has been bitter but has not deterred everyone in their work. Neville Rae and Callum Sinclair have worked hard at work in amongst the newly made plinths and just delivered art work to complete the final joinery work so that Jill Watson’s bronze can be fixed in the bay window space.

Helen Douglas has been following everyone around with paint brush in hand, while with the other arranging and curating the works in the spaces.

Keith Alexander has been helping fine tune projected works, curate the exhibitions and at the same time complete the exhibition literature to a racing print deadline – all done now!




Finally, you can see how the exhibition is coming together in No. 1 with work from Casting the Net artist, Mary Morrison sitting calmly next to beautiful hand knitted fishermen’s Gansey’s.







While at No. 48 West Port the work of Casting the Net artists, Lawson Wood and Alice Francis have been installed and are really looking vibrant and intriguing. SO…

Please come along to Selkirk tomorrow:

Casting the Net bkltpge 4&5 Events

Saturday 23rd March 2013 – Opening Day Events Selkirk

2pm The Market Place: A demonstration of the art of fish gutting by Billy Clansman Aitchison

2pm – 5pm Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: Coffee afternoon hosted by Rowland‘s (Selkirk)

3.30pm Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: Introductory speeches

4pm Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: James Wyness: ‘guddle and flype’ sound performance premiere

Exhibitions from Saturday 23rd March to Saturday April 6th Selkirk Open every day 10am – 4pm (Note: 2pm – 4pm on the opening day)

s1 No. 1 Tower Street: Mary Morrison, Natasha Smith, Jill Watson, James Wyness

s2 Border Cloth, High Street: Catriona Taylor & Stuart Delves

s3 No. 48 West Port: Alice Francis, Lawson Wood

note: Shopfront Exhibition only

s4 Rowland’s, No. 24 – 26 West Port: Mark Timmins & Rowland’s (Selkirk) Youth Group

Join us in celebrating coast to inland: Casting the Net!

Rowland’s (Selkirk) Youth Group @ 24-26 West Port – Installation up and looking great!

Rowland’s is very excited to be taking part in the ‘Casting The Net’ exhibition…

Two of Rowland’s windows will be hosting the work of  artist Mark Timmins and two windows hosting a display of work by the young people of Rowland’s.



The young people have decided to create their own ‘fishing net’ out of scoobies and friendship bracelets, catching items and images personal to the young people. The other window is based around a ‘message in a bottle’ – the idea that all the bottles may look the same but each one holds a private message to each young person – written either as a message to their future selves or a message looking back on their youth.







The young people have also made their own digital alphabet, collecting digital images of letters they found in Selkirk. This is displayed in the Dry Bar at Rowland’s.


Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.12.58

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.13.11
Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.13.33

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.13.59

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.14.09

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.14.16

Rowland’s will very kindly be hosting sound artist James Wyness and the premier of his piece ‘guddle and flype’ @4pm – so will be open on Saturday 23rd March 2-5pm, and will be hosting a small coffee afternoon too.

Please pop in if you are in the town.

From Rowland’s (Selkirk) website at http://rowlands-selkirk.org.uk – great work and they are always looking for volunteers. Please come and support them on Saturday as they host the opening event for Casting the Net.

Work continues at No. 1 Tower Street and Casting the Net artist, Natasha Smith drops by…

Yesterday work continued on getting No. 1 Tower Street, Selkirk prepared. Keith Alexander was joined by Lawrence Robertson of Selkirk Regeneration Company (thank you!) who have taken on the ownership of No. 1 described as ‘…the derelict shop at the foot of Tower Street.   The windows have now been repaired, and we are seeking funding to renovate the inside.  The long-term vision is for it to be useful community resource.’


Casting the Net artist, Natasha Smith, came in with some of her work to try out in the space so we could see how it looked in the light. No. 1 is looking dazzling with its fresh coat of white paint and there has been alot of interest from people passing and looking into the shop.


detail coffee fossilcrop




Some snaps of Natasha’s work before is it exhibited,  beautifully carved into pieces of slate and sandstone. Please look at her website at http://natashastonecarving.co.uk for more of her work and have a look on our artists page to read more about Natasha’s approach to Casting the Net.

County Hotel Hosting the Eyemouth Fish Supper – *BOOK NOW!*

**BOOK NOW!** For the final event The Eyemouth Fish Supper being held at the County Hotel, Selkirk – all details below.

For Eyemouth Fish Supper_fbvrev

Beautifully fresh, locally sourced fish (Catch of the Day) from Eyemouth, seasonal and supplied by Eyemouth’s D R Collin.
Not just any old ‘fish supper’ – it will be a delicious 3 course meal, cooked and served by norwegian chef and hotelier Trond Dalby and Will Haegeland the owners of The County.

To book please call The County Tel: 01750 721 233


Alice Francis – Update!


photography by: kimayres.co.uk

Alice Francis Update! (Mobile contact…):
‘We did well in Eyemouth, the cliffs were wild! Then woke up with 5 inches of snow round tent! Can’t get up on sth upland today, getting footage everywhere we can, we’re fine x

Last seen near Duns this morning!