Work starts on setting up the Casting the Net exhibition and workshop in The Mission, Eyemouth Harbour

Yesterday, the Casting the Net team started to set up Casting the Net venue, e1 The Mission, Eyemouth Harbour. This is where over Easter weekend, textiles and fishing will be woven together with story, memory and song.


Callum Sinclair & Keith Alexander setting up the drift net and oar.


Drift net in position.


Sam Bain, Casting the Net artists hanging one of her paintings in The Mission, exhibition.


Callum Sinclair, Casting the Net Joint Project Manager hanging Mary Morrison’s paintings in The Mission


Casting the Net being set up in The Mission, Eyemouth

Casting the Net Events and Exhibitions THIS EASTER WEEKEND at The Fishermen’s Mission, Eyemouth:

10am – 4pm (Sat 30th March & Sun 31st March) The Fishermen’s Mission, Harbour Road: ‘Knitting, Knotting & Netting’ Workshop

Come and join in a free drop-in workshop exploring the two Borders traditions of textiles and net making.

Eribé Knitwear, a successful Galashiels company are leading the  ’knitting, knotting & netting’ workshop in The Mission, Eyemouth Harbour. Together with the knitters, netters and natterers of Eyemouth they will take a contemporary look at gansey knitting, inspire, and in the knitting, patterns and stories will be stitched.

Several levels of workshop open all day from complete beginners and kids to more experienced knitters. There will be demonstrations and examples of old and contemporary Gansey knitting, alongside traditional net makers at work repairing and making new nets. All involved are keen to impart their knowledge to a new generation.

A great opportunity to expand your own skills, have fun, share your own experiences and patterns and admire the skill of the modern day Gansey knitter.

There will also be retired fisherman Alex Thorburn who will tell his yarns and reminisce with extraordinary poetry.

10am – 4pm (Sat & Sun) The Fishermen’s Mission, Harbour Road: Exhibition

Exhibition of work by Casting the Net artists, Kevin PedenSam Bain and Mary Morrison. See yesterdays post for more info.


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