‘An intrepid ‘Silver Darling’…’

‘An intrepid ‘Silver Darling’ retraces the routes of her ancestors by hiking inland along The Herring Walk. A humorous adventure in ichthyology!’

Alice Francis, 2013

For all of you who were wondering what had become of our intrepid Fish-out-of-Water artist, Alice Francis and her daughter Rosie Giblin film maker, here are some photographs from along their journey which was hampered by the bitter conditions we are currently suffering in the Borders:

fish walk 2

On the Eyemouth Coast.

fish walk 3

‘We did well in Eyemouth, the cliffs were wild! Then woke up to

5 inches of snow round tent! Can’t get up on sth upland today, 

getting footage everywhere we can, we’re fine x’

fish walk 1

Fish-out- of-Water reaches the sign for the Herring Road to Dunbar.

fish walk 4

Fish-out-in-snow in the hills on the way into Selkirk.

Alice is now editing her film which will be showing on Easter weekend in Eyemouth:

Saturday 30th March & Sunday 31st March: Film showing at exhibition at The Fishermen’s Mission, Eyemouth Harbour.


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